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Congratulations for choosing Rebel.

We know that your new Rebel grill will give you a much pleasure. In order to serve you much better way and give your personal offers and product information, we kindly ask you to register your grill.

Contact information that you give during registering, will use only for Rebel related direct mailing or bulletin. Contact information will remain only Rebel grills importer, Oy FinnFlame Ab’s possession and will not be hand over to third party.

Serial number for gas grills, which is needed for registering, is located inside door or in rating label. In smokers or charcoal grills, it is located in leg.

As a registering gift, we will send you a Rebel attitude-oozing present. This present will send to address, given during registering, within two weeks from registering.

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Rebel may send news and information from products by e-mail